Sockers FC falls short in OT 3-2 in NPSL Playoff Match

Sockers FC looks to make another run in the NPSL Playoffs with a crowd rallying behind them against the Houston Dutch Lions FC. Both teams were physical early as an altercation broke out in the 20th minute. Sockers FC had 4 opportunities inside the box throughout the 1st half but was unable to put one in the net early. The Dutch Lions Scored in the 37th minute as Arthur Rodgers scores from inside the box. The Dutch Lions kept constant pressure throughout the early stages of the 2nd half to try to hold the 1-0 lead. Socker had opportunities in the 70th minute and the 84th minute. as regular time was about to conclude, Sockers Maxi Galizzi to send Sockers into OT. The Dutch Lions got the break in the 2nd half as Yinka Lawal fell down and recovered to give them the 2-1 lead. During extra time in the 2nd half of OT, Sockes make a final push bringing their goalie in on the corner to try to tie things up. Dutch Lions seeked a countering opportunity from the corner to put them ahead 3-1. Following the goal, an altercation occured as The Dutch Lions celebrated near the Socker's Bench. Words and pushes were exchange along with ejections to both Socker's Coaches and a few players on the bench. Sockers got a break in the 124th minute with a PK from Andres Felipe Rodrigues. However, despite the late goal, Sockers fell short and their playoff run comes to an end. Sockers FC look to make another run in the 2019 season.

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