Kal Herbert: Why So Serious?

Kal Herbert: Why So Serious?
Kal Herbert plays Football. He plays it the way it was intended to be played; he plays with his feet. Kal is from a land where football is taken a little more seriously. In Willaston, England (near Liverpool) football, or as we call it in the States, soccer, is a way of life. He was raised in the sport, and you can see that through the intelligence and leadership he displays on the field. However, off the field, Kal is not as serious. In a recent interview, teammate Tyler Tarango said of Kal, “That guy will play pranks on anybody! He is by far the goofiest guy on the team.” Herbert may enjoy being a prankster, but, on the field, he is no joke.
            Kal Herbert has the kind of skill set that produces more than just goals. In only his second season, he leads Sockers FC in shots taken, is second in minutes, and third in points. He is a fierce winger and comes at you with blazing speed. “I think some of things he adds to the team are his quickness and vision. That makes him very hard to defend,” Sockers’ Head Coach Warren Cottle said. Kal plays a lot like an Argentinian that most soccer fans are familiar with by the name of Lionel Messi, who just so happens to be the player Herbert idolizes. “He is someone I like to base my soccer around.” Herbert said, “I like to run with the ball, so the more I can watch him the better.” He has used those skills become not only one of the best wingers in the Premier Development League’s Southern Conference, but also at the collegiate level where he stars for Eastern New Mexico University. Watching Herbert in action is like watching an artist paint his picture. He uses smooth passes, quick feet, and powerful shots to create a masterpiece on the pitch.
            However, Herbert is more than statistics. He is a leader. You are not going to hear a lot of shouting from the Englishman, but his composure draws people to him. Cottle calls him “a silent leader,” and “a hard worker. Every day he gives everything he’s got. He sells out for the club.”  Those are strong qualities for any athlete, especially one with desires to improve his level of competition. It takes time to build a winning program, but players like Herbert are critical pieces.
Off the field, the man is constantly smiling. Many of the players on the team have talked about the squad’s great chemistry, and a lot of them think that starts with Kal. Cottle says that he has a “lust for life,” and right back Davonte Dubose states that “[Kal] is joke after joke. He always has to do something with humor.” Even Kal said in his off-time that he is on top of his jokes, “I love to continue with my practical joke…Just try to get through life with no worries.” That kind of mentality is contagious.

Coming to a new town is always difficult. Coming to a new country is life-changing. Herbert says he misses his family, especially his brothers, quite a bit, but he says he loves it here, “the people here are extremely friendly. That’s a massive credit to them because it really helped me.” For a guy with a bright future, this is a big step. Cottle says “Kal can accomplish anything Kal wants to do.” Kal loves the Sockers for the opportunity to “play at a high standard.” He says that in five years he doesn’t know where he sees himself, but that he wants to be playing professionally. Kal Herbert possesses the talent to play at a higher level. Additionally, he has the intangibles to play at an elite level. Every player wants to win, but a player like him makes it happen. With two games remaining in this season, I am excited to see the kind of legacy that Herbert will leave on the Sockers’ 2013 season. Whether they win or lose, for Kal it will be no laughing matter.

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